An example of a brand palette.

An example of a brand palette.

As the central guiding thread running through all your visual communications your brand identity should encompass more than a logotype or wordmark. It should take the form of a palette with a strong conceptual basis out of which your publicity materials can grow organically.

As a graphic designer I offer a range of services to make this happen, whether it’s developing an identity from scratch to working to existing brand guidelines on a specific campaign.

  • Brand Identity

  • Digital Publishing - from e-brochures, e-books, e-mail newsletters (MailChimp) to lead magnets.

  • Website Design - bespoke solutions, Wordpress, Bootstrap, WooCommerce.

  • Social Media - from bespoke images to Canva templates.

  • Design for Print - from posters, brochures, books and stationery to large format banners.

  • Graphical Imagery - from simple infographics and diagrams to cover designs.

  • Illustration

  • Sub-Contracting/White Labelling - as someone who has been working remotely for the last twelve years I enjoy working as part of a team and have collaborated with fellow designers and developers on a number of larger projects through the years.

Design-led firms lead the way: More than two-fifths of our survey respondents agreed that the use of design within their organisation has contributed to an increase in sales turnover, business competitiveness, and awareness and recognition of the brand and/or raised brand loyalty.
— The Design Economy 2018, The Design Council.

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