My Process

Good design starts with you

I give all my clients, whether they are individuals, companies or organisations unique consideration. As a part of this I use a tried and tested process to remove the need to simply wait for inspiration and to better understand you, your needs and any challenges you are facing. This is both efficient and cost effective. I believe this also helps add depth, authenticity and character to the end result so what you receive isn’t merely a generic solution but is something which communicates your value and differentiates your brand, product or service. 

Project Roadmap

These stages can be used as a roadmap throughout the project; so everyone knows where they are and where we’re going. All of these stages can be tailored to suit your projects scope, budget and deadlines.

When you have something truthful to say, it will design itself.
— Bob Gill

Stage 1 

Getting to know you / identifying key information and inspirations

The first stage involves getting to know more about you and your company or organisation. If you already have a website or social presence I will endeavour to do as much fact finding as I can myself beforehand as I know everyone is busy. I will look to learn about you, your vision or your company or organisation (if not a personal brand), your project, target audience and crucially any problems you are facing or would like this project to address. This creates a solid foundation of information and inspiration on which to base my work. 

At this stage I can formulate a brief if required and create a problem statement. This will act as a beacon to ensure the correct focus is maintained throughout the project. After a little initial fact finding we will agree a budget and timescales for delivery of each of the subsequent stages and crucially final handover. 

Stage 2 


Armed with a much clearer picture of the problem or focus of the brief I will then start to research around this. For example, I will look at your customers or clients, your niche, your competitors (their brand, their offering, website, social media etc.) and I will also look for visual ideas specific to you, ideas you would like incorporated and those around your project or product(s). 

Stage 3 


This is where Stage 1 and Stage 2 will really start to come together in the form of paper or screen visuals or wireframes if we are working on a design for screen. This takes the form of an iterative process where I will progress things to a point where I can show you and seek feedback. Perhaps whittling several ideas down to the best one or refining choices of imagery, layout, colour or typeface(s). 

Stage 4

Refinining and Delivery

Last but by no means least, this is where things come to life and the work is really refined and the finer details are added. Once you are completely satisfied final versions will be delivered or artwork will be prepared for print or wireframes handed over for build and then testing.

Stage 5 

Ongoing Support

If we’ve worked together on a project I will continue to work with you until it goes successfully live. I will also be on hand in the future should you recquire additional assets or edits to ensure that it stays fresh after it’s initial launch or re-design. I hope that all the work we do sparks an enjoyable and lasting creative relationship that will flourish long after our first meeting.

If you would like to discuss a design project please get in touch.